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the fossa of the helix is shallow, and the fossa of the antihelix is deep. Xo lobule is present. The auricular cartilage is entire, with a thin margin.
The characters of the auricles and lips are usually very distinctive, and one can generally distinguish those of the Gorilla from those of the Chimpanzee. It occasionally happens, however, that it is difficult or even
FIG. 16.—The Chimpanzee (Anthropopitliecus troglodytes).
impossible to tell whether a particular animal is a Gorilla or a Chimpanzee. Duckworth (324A) describes such a specimen, and Keith (99) records a controversy about an animal named "Mafuka" in the Zoological Gardens of Dresden. Meyer and Bolau considered her to be a Chimpanzee, but Nissle and Hartmann thought she was a Gorilla, It is, therefore, evident that the external appearances of these Apes are not always distinctive: